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British Columbia Fishing

Welcome to our website! Here you will find all kinds of information on Fishing In British Columbia and Western Canada. Get Tips, Tricks, and info on tours, guides, and more. We Hope you Enjoy!
BC Fishing Background

People who are looking for an excellent place to fish can try the province of British Columbia. Located in the western part of Canada, British Columbia has many lakes, rivers, and salt waters wherein a huge variety of fish can be found.

This province is famous for fish species such as salmon & steelhead. In addition, some of the more rare species of fish in this province include arctic grayling, lake trout, inconnu, walleye, and northern pike. In terms of its lakes and rivers, Fraser River and Crazy Bear Lake are good examples fishing spots in British Columbia.

People who would like to spend more than a day of fishing in British Columbia need to have a place to stay at the end of each day. Regarding this matter, a lot of lodges and campsites are situated near the rivers and lakes in this province. Lodges offer great comfort with all the basic amenities, while campsites allow fishers to have a sense of adventure and to be close to nature.

Moving on, those who are relatively new to fishing and those who would like to catch more fish can also find a lot of professional guides in British Columbia. These individuals are trained in teaching the various techniques in using bait, choosing the perfect spot, and luring more fish. In addition, British Columbia fishing guides are fully knowledgeable with regard to the regulations that everyone must follow while he is engaging in this hobby or sport, so a person hiring a guide can be certain that he is well within the boundary set by the rules of fishing in the province...More >>